Heptagon Kettle Hill US L/S Equity Fund

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10 June 2021
SFDR classification
Article 6
Alt - Long/Short Equity - US
Investment Style
Mid Value
Fund Size


The Fund aims to achieve long-term capital growth through investing primarily in US small-capitalisation stocks.


The Fund’s Sub-Investment Manager, Kettle Hill Capital Management, is a long/short equity fund manager, established by Andrew Kurita in 2003 and is located in New York, USA.


The investment style is fundamental bottom up research, combined with macro awareness and a contrarian value investment strategy to deliver superior rates of return in any market environment. The investment philosophy focuses on risk-reward opportunities and inefficiencies in the US small-capitalisation universe. Independent thinking, unique stock selection, excellent fundamental research, and sound investment discipline provide an attractive risk/reward opportunity for the strategy. Andrew Kurita, Kettle Hill’s CIO and Founding Partner, has been successfully managing this investment strategy since inception, and has been investing in small capitalisation stocks since 1996. He is supported by a well resourced team of experienced investment professionals.

Key stats

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Investment Team Location

New York, USA





Fund Size


Long Exposure % (# holdings)

66.7% (48)

Short Exposure % (# holdings)

33.0% (43)

Net / gross exposure

33.70% / 99.70%

Fund Launch

05 October 2017

Fund Status

Open to all investors

Share Class Launch

09 November 2017

Share Class Status

Open to all investors

Fund Currency

US Dollar

Share Class CCY


Management Fee


Performance Fee


Min. Investment


Fund Type





BBH Fund Administration Services (Ireland) Ltd


BBH Trustee Services (Ireland) Ltd


Grant Thornton

Dealing Frequency






Risk Management

Lower RiskHigher Risk



Past performance is no guide to future performance and the value of investment and income from them can fall as well as rise.

Kettle Hill US L/S Equity Fund Q1 2021 Webcast

Top Five Holdings

As of 30 April 2021
NameWeight %
1AT&T Inc3.3
2News Corp A3.3
3Park Hotels & Resorts Inc3.3

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Fund Manager

Andrew Kurita

Portfolio Manager and CIORead More
A Strategy for the Cycle: Long-Short Small Cap, Value-Oriented Investing


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