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Heptagon Capital provides asset management services and investment solutions to Institutional Investors, Family Offices and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.

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A leading provider of asset management services and investment solutions.


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Future Trends Blog
Featured Insights29 March 2023

Season 5, Post 12: After you flush…

We all do it several times a day, but how many of us spare a thought for what happens to our wastewater once it’s been flushed away, let alone whether technology can make this process more efficient. Your intrepid author sought to discover the answers to these questions and more when he visited a major […]

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Future Trends Blog
Featured Insights21 March 2023

Season 5, Post 11: The drones are coming

A world away from imploding financial institutions, exciting developments are afoot in the drone industry. These delivery devices, whose merits we’ve been advocating since last year, are becoming more sophisticated. What are still seen by some as a novelty are on the way to becoming much more commonplace. Zipline, the world’s largest drone logistics service, […]

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Future Trends Blog
Featured Insights16 March 2023

Season 5, Post 10: “The ship has reached the shore”

These were the words used by Rena Lee of the United Nations as she presided over the signing of a landmark deal earlier this month aimed at protecting ocean life. Endorsed by 193 countries, this is the first international agreement on ocean protection since 1982. Think of it as a hugely important victory for life […]

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Our services today feature highly differentiated investment strategies across a broad spectrum of asset classes and include UCITS Funds, an External Manager Platform, and Discretionary Portfolio Management

ucits funds

Includes in-house funds and sub-advised funds managed by well-established third-party managers

external manageR platform

Partnering with best in-class managers to provide investors with unique and innovative investment opportunities

Discretionary portfolio management

Fully discretionary managed portfolios, driven by client profile and governed by client mandate